Peru represents the most advanced and mature gaming market in Latin America.  With a growing middle class, one of the fastest growing GDP countries in the region, entertainment options are in high demand.

The launch pad, a single slot hall in 1985, of what is now Clearwater (one of the largest gaming operators based in Latin America) marks the starting point and anchor to the group’s activities.  Over the years, through diligent management and strong local ties, Clearwater companies continued to expand by acquiring and building additional casino locations.

Progressing and growing the business operations necessitated opening facilities to manage the growing slot machine footprint.  Now with two plants to handle maintenance and service, the group operations easily moved into placing games into third party locations.

In the mid 1990s and continuing forward, through trust and integrity, the group has earned the privilege to represent some of the biggest slot manufacturing companies in the world.

Today, Clearwater companies continue to provide service for third parties, place games on participation, distribute for a number of important global brands and own and operate a significant number of key casinos.