Clearwater places slot machines in third-party premises. The third party will typically be the license holder and/or operator.  Clearwater receives a machine rental, which is normally calculated as a percentage of the gross gaming win net of any direct gaming taxes.  In certain cases, Clearwater receives a fixed fee for the machine placement.

As a result of its extensive reach, Clearwater is one of the largest buyers of slot product in Latin America.  Slot machine ownership is a capital-intensive business. The Company buys both new and factory-refurbished slot machines and may occasionally buy used equipment.

Each customer that we work with is focused on providing a diverse, unique and optimized player experience.  Clearwater’s extensive footprint affords operators the ability to quickly bring in new and exciting product as well as experiment with different games.

Service and support are the heart of the companies participation and placement operations.  As our success is directly correlated to the success of the machine placements, we become strategic business partners with our customers.  The companies proprietary analysis and marketing plans help insure the best product mix to maximize returns.

In keeping compliance with regulatory bodies, local rules and regulations, and the evolving trends of gaming, Clearwater only participates in legal jurisdictions with certified and legal Class III electronic gaming devices.

Clearwater companies currently have games in third party locations in Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru.