The Company’s primary operating businesses are casino and slot hall locations. For each location in the portfolio, Clearwater owns the operating business, the assets, the license, and manages it. In certain regional instances, Clearwater will enter as a majority and operating joint venture partner.


Clearwater’s casino and slot hall operations are focused on locals markets.
These highly competitive environments require operational and fiscal discipline with marketing savvy.
Locations are reviewed on a continual basis to insure every customer has an exceptional experience.

  • Games are constantly being changed to provide maximum appeal
  • Promotions are tailored for all player levels
  • Staff personnel are trained in the highest customer service levels
  • Multiple brands to cater to a wide band of customers


From the front of the house to the back of the house, Clearwater maintains strong internal controls. By implementing state of the art systems with a purpose built in-house management control standards, the company maintains transparency and visibility with full accountability.

These strengths overlaid with strong financial controls all managed through integrated and centralized financial oversight allow Clearwater to operate at maximum efficiency.

Clearwater companies currently operate locations in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru.