Clearwater Leisure Limited (“Clearwater ”) was formed in 2001 by Alan Azizollahoff and Luis Lam for the purpose of developing gaming opportunities. Both Alan and Luis were experienced entrepreneurs in the gaming business in Peru.

Alan and Luis had procured the opportunity to acquire the Peruvian operations of South Dakota Gaming Inc, a NASDAQ-listed company. After one year, Alan negotiated a second acquisition of Ladbrokes del Peru S.A., a subsidiary of Hilton Group PLC.

Luis had entered gaming in 1981, when his family opened Bingo Palace, one of the first bingo halls in Peru. In 1995, Bingo Palace formed a joint venture with Ladbrokes, and in 1998, Ladbrokes bought the company. Luis ultimately became General Manager of Ladbrokes’ business in Peru. Today, Bingo Palace is part of the Clearwater Group.

Alan first entered the gaming business through a stake in Bingo Camino Real in Peru in 1985. He later sold that business and became one of the first slot operators in Peru with the opening in 1993 of his Fortuna slot hall, which is part of the Clearwater Group. In parallel, from 1996, in partnership with Fernando Ricco, an Argentine engineer, Alan formed Heal Technology Group, which develops, builds, and sells electronic roulette machines and other multi-position games.

In 2002 Clearwater formed South American Gaming SAC in order to manage the operations on behalf of third party owners.

In parallel, Clearwater began establishing operations outside of Peru. In 2002, as Clearwater absorbed the operations of Ladbrokes, Max Harris joined Alan and Luis. Max was formally President of Ladbrokes’ Latin American gaming operations.

Clearwater’s first foreign business was in Venezuela, where in 2004 it established Latin American Gaming SA, whose business is to place slot machines on participation with third-party operators. During this time, Edgar Paz formally joined the group. Mr. Paz, with his extensive gaming and development background, helped Clearwater solidify its powerhouse management team.

In 2004, it also formed Gaming International Holdings SAC, which began importing slot machines from leading manufacturers, as well as acquiring machines which were already operating in Peru, so as to place them in participation.

In the following years, Clearwater expanded its operations as it created more companies to place slot machines, both new and used, on participation in third party locations.

Clearwater started acquiring its own gaming locations in 2005 and continued to expand its routes and location ownership.

In 2006, Clearwater began slot placement operations in Argentina.

Clearwater expanded into Guatemala 2007 when it opened a casino in the Hotel Crowne Plaza.

Clearwater’s growth and success continued into 2008 when it entered the Chile market with a full service luxury casino hotel that would ultimately offer 1,300 slot-machines, 40 gaming tables, and a 120 rooms. The company also entered the slots market in Ecuador.

In 2008, Clearwater added a business placing of slot machines on participation in Colombia and began the planning and construction of its first three operating locations in Medellin, Pereira, and Bogota.

Through out these times and continuing to the present, Clearwater, through it’s many different brands, continues to expand its machine operations and add casino locations.

Alan, Luis, Max, Edgar and Fernando are committed to the continued growth of Clearwater as the world’s leading Latin America based gaming company.