Clearwater Leisure Limited

is a leading private gaming operator in Latin America.  We have a presence through out the region and continue to grow our base as well as expand into new territories.

Clearwater is organized as a parent holding company.  Entities are grouped based on operating line of business and country. The Clearwater group of companies represent over 14 localized brands.

The company has two major divisions that power its strong cash flow and growth:


Casino and Slot Hall Ownership and Operations


Placement of Class III Games in Third Party Locations

Over the years, Clearwater has gown from a dual partnership owning a single location to being one of the largest gaming operators in Latin America.  The partners and the team have built a reputation based on dedication, perseverance, and trustworthiness.

The company maintains excellent relationships with legislators, regulators and other government bodies.  Transparency and ethics are at the root of all Clearwater business activities and the company works to develop, grow, and evolve gaming operations such that we meet and exceed reporting requirements.

Through the depth and breadth of the Clearwater team, the company serves its markets with targeted product offerings to match market demands.  Focusing on local markets, Clearwater business operations maintain a sense of stability in an otherwise dynamic and fluid environment.